How to Re-fold an IKEA bag (YouTube)

This is one of those things I find myself needing to do to keep my place tidy, and it’s easy to let it slide if you don’t know the process, and then the next thing you know you’ve had this stupid blue plastic bag lying in the corner of your entryway for months, and you don’t realize it but it’s slowly driving you mad.

So, better to just fold ‘em up, put an elastic band around them, and put them in the closet:

  1. Push the bottom in, like an “inverted taco”
  2. Flatten the sides outward, so the bag, lying flat on its side, has a sort of “boat” shape
  3. Fold the handles down onto the bag
  4. Fold the sides of the bag over top of the handles, so the outline is now a rectangle
  5. Fold one side over top the other, basically folding the rectangle in half
  6. Now fold the handles at the top downwards, and then fold again, so you’ve folded it vertically in thirds
  7. Now you’ve got the bag into a small rectangular shape; Put an elastic band around to keep it like that

(via youtube search)