How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You

I have really mixed feelings about this massive article, which I’m bookmarking because I’m only part way through it.

The good: it’s full of extremely tactical actions you can take right now, while you’re reading it.

The bad: it’s on Medium :P; the writer is, um, rather pretentious and self-satisfied; the constant appeals to personal longevity are, I think, off the mark. If you’re going to change a bunch of settings to reclaim your time and attention, a la Digital Minimalism, do it because it improves the quality of your life and your interactions with others and the world around you. The idea that you should set your wallpaper to a picture of your pet because there’s some statistical correlation between looking at a dog and having 10% less chance to die of a heart attack (paraphrasing :P) is so… I don’t know, it’s kind of everything that makes me roll my eyes about the tech-yuppie-utopian-immortality set. Like, sure, do whatever you can to preserve your physical health, but maybe that could be lower on your list of priorities (i.e. choose quality over quantity).

Still. An article I want to refer back to. Probably.