D.J. Jamison (Author of Heart Trouble)

“What’s your advice for aspiring writers?”

Keep writing, and don’t walk away when you’re discouraged. Finish your projects.

I still feel like an aspiring writer. I’m self-published. No one shook my hand and told me I’d make a most excellent author, and that’s a scary thing. I took a leap.

I spent years toying around with unfinished manuscripts. You know what got me out of that rut? I decided enough was enough, and I committed to a publish date. Even now that I’ve published my writing, I still use pre-orders not just as a marketing tool, but to force myself to finish my projects. Maybe it’s the former journalist in me, but I need deadlines.

So, try giving yourself a deadline. But don’t make it a soft deadline in your head. Commit to sending your work somewhere: to a beta reader, a friend, a book agent or online to Smashwords or Amazon Direct Publishing.

Try writing novellas instead of the great American novel to start out. Finish a shorter piece, and you’ll figure out some of the formula for finishing a longer one. You’ll also prove to yourself that you can finish it.

Then comes the hardest part. You have to set it free.

Good luck!

I came across this person when searching for my own author name. At least in terms of pronunciation, they’re awfully similar. 😂 Anyway, I really like her advice, quoted above.